Soften & Remove Cuticle Oil Pen


Soften & Remove Cuticle Oil Pen

Product description

Cuticle Oil aids in softening the cuticles and helps restore dry brittle nails for gorgeous looking, well-cared for nails! This cuticle oil contains mineral oil, Carotene, fragrance, and color.

•Restores Dry, Brittle nails
•Softens cuticles
•Removes Cuticles painlessly

Pen Length: 4.92 inches/12.5 cm
Contains 3ml of cuticle oil.

Instructions for use:
1. With the oil pen up, twist bottom until oil emerges into the bristles. Brush 1 or 2 clicks worth of oil per finger all over your nail, cuticle, tips, and under edge of nail. A very thin layer of oil is needed, so no need to excessively oil or overdo it.
2. Rub and massage the oil into your nails and fingers, up to the knuckle closest to your nail. You will know you are done, when there is no oil on your fingertip pads.
3. Periodically, rub the surface oil into your nails for the next hour or so. Your hands and nails will feel less slippery and slick as the oil gets completely absorbed by your fingers. This process is normal.
Please note: If using cuticle oil on your nails before applying our Nail Polish Strips or Dip Powder, be sure to wash your hands very well with warm, soapy water before applying the nail strips. Ensure nail beds are completely dry & oil free for best results with nail polish strips. Alternatively, you could complete this step after you have finished your manicure!