Full Coverage Clear False Nail & Nail Cutter Tool Set


Full Coverage Clear False Nail & Nail Cutter Tool Set

Product description

Add some length to your nails with these full coverage false nails! You can apply dip powder or nail polish strips over them. 

The included False Nail Tip Cutter gently and effectively cuts artificial nails without cracking. Its sharp, stainless-steel blade makes it easy to cut both straight and round edges. These clippers are ideal for artificial fingernails. They have been designed to clip acrylic nails to the desired length without putting pressure on the curve of the nail. Follow the guide in the image to cut into a square, round, or well cut. 

Set includes: 300 FULL coverage transparent false nails in 10 different sizes to ensure you will have the perfect size for each nail, 1 False Nail Tip Cutter tool, and 1 bottle of Nail Glue. 


1. Begin by filing the tips and lightly buffing the shine off of your natural nails. Trim and push back cuticles if desired.

2. Clean natural nails with nail polish remover or an alcohol wipe.

3. Choose the correct size artificial nails for each finger and apply glue to the artificial nail.

4. Starting at cuticle, press on & hold for 5 seconds to be sure there are no air bubbles. 

5. Cut to the desired length with the nail cutter tool and file the rough edges.

6. After, your nails can be buffed and prepped to apply dip powder or nail polish strips.