Application of Nail Polish Strips

1. Wipe nail beds with an alcohol prep pad.
2. Size nail polish strip to nail.
3. Peel clear protective plastic off of the top of the Nail Polish Strip.
4. Separate the nail polish strip from the paper backing.
5. Apply the nail polish strip to nail.
6. Use a cuticle pusher or orange wood stick to adhere and smooth the nail polish strip onto the nail.
7. Using manicure scissor, trim any excess of the nail polish strip down as close as possible to tip of natural nail.
8. Use a nail file to remove any remaining nail strip excess on the sides and tip of your nail.
Use clear dip powder or clear nail polish over the top of the nail polish strip for longer wear.

Removal of Nail Polish Strips

Remove using Acetone Nail Polish Remover or our Magic Remover along with our Metal Cuticle Pusher & Remover Tool. (Sold Separately)

Application of Dip Powder

1. Apply step 1 liquid (base).
2. Dip nail into desired powder color.
3. Tap off excess powder.
4. Apply step 2 liquid (activator) and allow to dry.
6. File/buff nail as desired.
7. Apply step 3 (top coat) and allow to dry.
8. Apply a 2nd coat of step 3 liquid (top coat).
9. Allow to dry completely.
10. Repeat steps on each nail until manicure is complete.
11. Wash hands when finished.
12. Use step 4 liquid (brush saver) on brushes for Step 1-3 liquids. Skipping this step could cause hardening of your brushes. 

Removal of Dip Powder

1. File or Buff the surface of the nail to remove the shine from your manicure. 

2. Apply nail polish remover to a cotton pad or cotton ball.

3. Place the soaked cotton pad or ball on top of the nail and secure in place with foil or nail remover clips (sold separately). 

4. Leave in place for 5-10 minutes. 

5. The dip powder will become gel-like to where it can be scraped off of the nail. If all of the residue does not come off, replace the foil or clips for a few more minutes. Repeat until all residue has been removed. 

6. Wash hands. 

7. Follow up with cuticle oil to nourish the nails and cuticle. 

Application of Magnetic Lashes

*Shake eyeliner before use.

1. Apply eyeliner as desired and let it dry. Once dry, apply a second coat.

2. Once the liner has dried, attach your lashes using the lash applicator tool from the inner lash line to the outer lash line. The magnets will attach to your liner.

Removal of Magnetic Lashes

1. Gently pull the magnetic lashes away from the liner.

2. Gently wipe the magnets with alcohol to remove any eyeliner residue and place back on lash packaging to retain shape.

3. Eyeliner can be removed using an eye makeup remover.

4. Follow up with your normal skin care routine.