Mineral Powder Mineral Powder
Mineral Powder $8.99
Magical Mineral powder does everything our bath bombs do and then some! Add fragrance, color, and premium essential oils to your bath water. Fizzes like a bath bomb and Bubbles! Color doesn't stain the tub! Leaves your skin feeling luxuriously moisturized! 12 oz. container
Hydrate Me Hand & Body Lotion Hydrate Me Hand & Body Lotion
Hydrate Me Hand & Body Lotion $8.99
Branae's Boutique's Hydrate Me Hand and Body Lotion is sure to leaving your skin feeling nice and smoothly pampered without being greasy. Available in 3 different scents! Pairs perfectly with our Whipped Hand and Body Scrub, Coffee Scrub and Soften & Remove Cuticle Oil.Enriched with Vitamin E oil. 8 oz bottle.
Shower Steamer Shower Steamer
Shower Steamer $5.00
Don't have a bath tub? Or just like to enjoy a nice aromatic and relaxing shower?  That's not a problem at all with shower steamers!! Available in Eucalyptus, Lavender, Orange, Peppermint and Sandalwood!Each shower steamer is approximately 4.5 oz.Eucalyptus: Classic Eucalyptus essential oil, Take a deep breath....ahhh breathe easy. Great aromatherapy shower steamer for clearing your sinuses, stuffy nose and much more! This is a must have for when you're feeling a little under the weather. Be sure to keep one or two on hand for when you're sick or the dreadful allergy season starts. Lavender: Nice traditional floral scent. Has been known for relieving headaches, migraines, depression, nervous tensions and even emotional stress. Lavender essential oil is also known for multiple other benefits when used in aromatherapy such as treating respiratory disorders such as cough, flu, cold, asthma etc. and is most famous for inducing sleep or relaxing the mind and body which allows for fantastic sleep as a end result!Sandalwood: Classic Sandalwood essential oil is known for its ability to encourage mental clarity & relaxation!Orange: Citrus essential oils. Perfect for awakening senses and improving mood!Peppermint: Peppermint essential oil. Helps with cognitive function, helps with attention span, memory, thinking, and calming of the mind. Helps to relieve headaches. Can help take the edge off of anxiety also!
Shot of Espresso Sugar Scrub Cocoa Mint Shot of Espresso Sugar Scrub Cocoa Mint
Shot of Espresso Sugar Scrub Cocoa Mint $7.99
We have crafted the perfect scrub that will leave your skin feeling nice, smooth and energized. This coffee scrub is enriched with essential oils, sunflower oil and fine roasted coffee. This smells sooo amazing!   Coffee Scrub is contained in a 8 oz. jar 
Luxurious Bath Bomb Luxurious Bath Bomb
Luxurious Bath Bomb $5.00
Settle in the tub for a relaxing bath with one of our luxurious bath bombs! There are a variety of scents to choose from and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Try them all!Check out our brand new fall & winter's scents!! Perfect for kids...and adults too!!!Each bath bomb weighs approximately 4.5-5.0 oz & is comparable in size to a tennis ball or baseball!! Pear Raspberry- Fruity mixture of pear and raspberry fragrance with a swirl of vibrant pinks.  Root Beer Float- Yum! smells just like a root beer float we all love. Cinnabun- Fresh Cinnamon Buns right out of the oven. 2 tone white and light cinnamon color with brown glitter on top. " Looks and smells good enough to eat"Birthday Cake- Fresh smell of freshly cut cake YUM! All white with different colored sprinkles.Cherry Almond- Sweet smell of cherry mixed with almond. White with bomb with almond colored accent. Grape Soda- Grab a bottle opener and open up that vintage bottle of grape soda. Smells just like grape soda. Purple bath bomb with white swirls.A tangerine and citrus cocktail type with top notes of tangelo, middle notes of orange and grapefruit Lemongrass- Wonderful aroma of fresh cut lemongrass with a hint of green herbal notes strong lemon smell. Yellow with white stripe and green colored sea salt at the top. Monkey Farts-Top notes of fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi, juicy bubblegum, and strawberries; and a hint of vanilla as a base note.Moonlight & Roses- Bright Blue in color With Pink Accent at the top of the bath bomb. Has rose petals infused in the bath bomb. Fresh Hydrangea mixed with rose fragrance.  Plumeria- Sweet floral smell of plumeria. White with spec accents.Raspberry Vanilla- Raspberry with hints of vanilla. A excellent fragrance. White with purple ring and colored sea salt accent.Sweet Pea- An English garden reminiscent of hyacinth, lily of the valley, violets and wild jasmine with a background of light herbal and musky notes. Fresh & Floral. Green with pink accent at top of the bath bomb.  Tie Dye- Very colorful with a earthy fragrance patchouli. Natural patchouli oil with musky undertones.Pink Sugar- Cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam with hints of musk. Sweet Tooth approved.Pina Colada- Pineapples and tropical coconut with light fruity undertones.Cool Water- Strong fragrance reminiscent of an Irish Spring or other mens type bar soap.Red Clover & Tea- Sweet herbal mix with a hint of fruity berries. Unique and strong feminine fragrance.Watermelon Glitter Bomb- Sweet and fresh Watermelon fragrance with other melon undertones.Very Valentine - Our top notch Cherry Almond fragrance with a Valentine Day aesthetic.Fairy Tale Love- Very Berry fragrance. Black Velvet- Aloe & Oakmoss top notes with some floral undertones. Can't forget the activated charcoal!   Oatmeal Milk & Honey- Blend of oatmeal, milk, honey and almond nice clean fresh smell. 1/2 & 1/2 white & orange with brown colored sea salt on the top. Petal Dance - Citrus, cherry blossom, hydrangea, apple and peach with a hint of blonde wood. Rose color with glitter & real dried flower & rose petals.  
Whipped Hand and Body Scrub Whipped Hand and Body Scrub
Whipped Hand and Body Scrub $7.99
This pampering Whipped Hand and Body Scrub is amazing for your hands & body. It is sure to make your hands and body super soft!It's a wonderful mixture made with sunflower oil, shea butter, sugar, Epsom salts, and essential oils.There are 3 smell good, pampering scrubs to choose from!Be sure to check out the Hydrate Me Hand and Body Lotion and Soften & Remove Cuticle Oil!Don't see the scent you want?? email us your suggestion at Customercare@branaesboutique.com